Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sun Ra

So I went up to philly to see the Arkestra on sunday, it was being pro-recorded, so no bootleg but!!!

look at this shit:

discography for download

it's not complete, but there is more Sun Ra than you can handle

hard drive crash, etc.

so i dropped my external terrabyte, and now it is kaput. they'll replace it for free, but my data is gone. All those gigs of out sounds and weird films. A little dissapointing, but whatever. I do like to raze the mp3s every now and then but i wasn't ready for it to happen now.

Tonight, I'll see Sharron Kraus again and tomorrow's the all day Sonic Circuits event at Artomatic. I also bought a ticket to Scootergate 4, the music looks unappealing, but i do gotta get my scoot on.

Next week I start ground work on the next Avant Fairfax event, new location, new sounds. Stay tuned for details.

I've been listening to the new Sunn O))), Monoliths and Dominions. It's really good, you can find it on other blogs, so i won't bother uploading it.

I've got a few vinyl rips I'm getting ready to do, so those will occur when I get around to it (anywhere from a few days to a few months.)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Raglani and Hauschildt's gear stolen!! wtf

So apparently, these cats were catching a slice after the fest, they exit the pizzeria and some lowlife is just finishing loading all their equipment into his car. Then the guy tries to run them down.

So go to the previous post, download no fun fest recordings from Joe Raglani (.rar A) and Emeralds (.rar D) and listen to a bygone era. This was like ALLL his gear. They probably stole they weed too!

If you can manage, throw the guy some money, as you need some serious synths to make such sweet komische music.

Raglani's Stuff stolen
Moog Voyager Old School White Wash
Moog VX-351 Expander with cable
Moog Voyager Case (Raglani Stenciled in Black)
Sequential Circuits Pro One (J-Wire) With black Plastic case.
TWO Traynor KB-4 Keyboard amps. (Raglani Stenciled in white on bottom)
Pedal Board case
Flower Electronics Little Blue Boy Deluxe Custom build modular synth
with wood sides.
3ms (4MS) Noise Swash Pedal. Silver
Boss Super Shifter (blue pedal)
SONY walkmen
behrienger 12 channel Mixer (silver)
Moog Ring Modulator moogerfooger pedal
Line 6 DL4 delay modeler.
Shure Microphone beta 51
DJ case with new headphones and tools. All my patch cords. Including
several expensive adaptors and color cables.

Mac powerbook laptop computer
Garwin GPS

Steve Hauschildt's stolen gear
Moog Micromoog with flight case
Moog Lowpass filter moogerfooger pedal
Frostwave resonator filter pedal
Akai Headrush pedal
Boss Graphic EQ (white Pedal)
E.H. Small Stone Phaser pedal.
Behrenger xenix mixer
Various cables and adaptors

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

No Fun

So I went up to NYC for no fun fest, and contrary to the name, I had a fucking blast. I bought a little H2 recorder for the trip and was able to tape most of the show. I think the only one I'm missing is Carlos Giffoni, because I forgot to press record. (drugs) these are all in VBR mp3 because I was worried about space, but they still sound pretty good. I didn't do any post, so you'll have to turn your speakers up. They've all been tagged in Itunes, numbered, named.


Tom'll be taking the recorder to Maryland Deathfest on Friday and I've yet to decide whether to give it to him on Saturday or take it to see the Bonnie Prince. I mean, I've heard like five bootlegs and three live CDs from the fella, so I know it'll be good and all, but there's already tons of recordings out there of him, and some of this stuff at MDF should be interesting. If Chris goes to Arkestra with us on Sunday, i'll let Tom use my h2.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aleph @ Hallucinatory Mountain

The new Current 93. A much better record than Black Ships -- more dynamic, less repetitive, different players. James Blackshaw takes over for Michael Cashmore, the first track sounds like Om. I've been a big fan of Current 93 for about 7 or 8 years now, I guess. Some of the first music I got into independently. My friend discovered Foetus through buying NIN on Amazon, and we followed that thread and led to us discovering shit like Coil, Nurse with Wound (and the list, though i didn't get a chance to listen to any of that stuff until the internet grew stronger), Nick Cave, Throbbing Gristle, Teenage Jesus & thJerks, etc. All The Pretty Horses made a strong impression on me. I don't really have a strong comprehension of a lot of his lyrical subjects, but it sounds creepy enough to me. Still have yet to see them live, seeing as how they only play in like fucking Austria or San Fransisco.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Burzum is free.